What Type of payments do you except? Cash or Check.

What is the best product on the market? Spray Foam insulation is the best insulation hands down but when you don’t have much insulation or money fiberglass and cellulose are both very good products and will save you money.

How many inches of Insulation should I have in my attic? With spray foam 5.5” with cellulose and fiberglass 14 to 16”. (most attics we see have only 4 or 5 inches of fiberglass or cellulose. For just a little money up front we can save or customers tons of money over a small period of time.)

What are the down sides to spray foam? Spray foam really only has one down side and that is the off-gassing of the product while it is being installed but just a few days after spray foam has been installed there should be 0 off-gassing.

Does spray foam have any mold issues? No not at all!!!! Spray foam does a great job at keeping humidity out of your home and with little humidity in your home it makes it near impossible to have mold as long as the job is done correctly (most of the mold issues you read online or hear about are made up or maybe installed didn’t do the job correctly).

Does BioFoam charge for a quote? Noooo… we are a very service oriented company and are happy to look at your attic to let you know if you need more insulation or if you have any issues with you attic insulation. Also we do not do pressure sales like many others, we like to inform our potential customers and let you decide what is best for you. The way it should be.


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