Why Us?

  • BioFoam insulation is a family owned and operated business that specializes in quality installation of the most efficient and green insulation products on the market.
  • We install BioBased soy-based spray foam insulation, one of the best products introduced to the building industry in recent years, providing up to 50% savings on heating and cooling costs!
  • Our Installation Team has been spraying foam into new and retrofit homes for over 5 years, and is equipped with the most advanced spray foam technology on the market.
  • Our Sales Team provides you with competitive prices, excellent customer service and high quality installation.
  • With great prices, flawless installation and high customer satisfaction, Biofoam looks forward to being your spray-foam installer.
  • Spray foam reduces heating and cooling demand by as much as 50%, saving thousands annually. Savings Sheet
  • Additionally, Spray Foam’s increased efficiency allows for a 25% reduction in HVAC size and subsequent savings.
  • A TAX REBATE may also be available to help offset the initial cost of installing spray-foam in your home or building.

BioBased 501 open-cell spray foam and BioBased 1701 closed cell spray foam are both soy-based and water blown, producing a low VOC content while providing air-tight, super-efficient, eco-friendly Insulation that is LEED eligible, as well as Energy Star and Greenguard certified.

Bio-Foam Insulation / New Braunfels, TX.