Thanks to the Biofoam Team!!! My attic is 75 degrees and it’s nearly 100 outside!! amazing did everything you said it would. Thanks,
Bill M 07/08/2011

Great job!! Best spray foam installation job I’ve seen. thanks for the great work!!!!,
Jim B 05/22/2011

We interviewed other businesses before deciding to use BioFoam and they are by far the best choice when considering price, product, customer service, and most important character and trust.
Ben was a pleasure to work with (he really went the extra mile when he didn’t have too) and I would highly recommend using BioFoam Insulation to anyone.
Not only did it help us reduce our monthly electric bill but it also help to keep out wasps that were getting in our attic. Great job guys and may God continue to bless you, your family and business : )
– Cary

Hi Ben, I thought you might like to know this. With all this cold weather that we have had, our house has stayed wonderfully warm. Our 18 year old heat pump used to be marginal at best. Other people have told us that their heat pumps are running all the time, but ours cycles off and on like it is supposed to even with below freezing temperatures for 3 days. Our attic used to be very cold in the winter, but now it stays warm and nice. I am really impressed with the difference that Biofoam has made in our comfort and energy bills and I am so glad that we had it installed. Thanks again for installing it for us.
– Bobby and June

Attached is the BioFoam invoice. Please have Andrea cut this check at her earliest convenience and mail it to BioFaom’s office. They did a wonderful job. Their covering the windows, tub, shower and air handling equipment saved us a bunch of work. Plus, they cut down and removed all the excess wall foam which we have had to do in the past. They did indeed leave the jobsite cleaner than they found it. I plan to use these folks for all future homes.
– Wayne 5/5/2011

By the way, I stopped by and looked at the job Ben’s boys did. It is very nice. Thank you very much.
– Wayne 5/4/2011

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. I will present this to our board at our meeting.
Regards, Kathy 2/9/2011

Got it Sara, the guys did another fine job. Check out soon.
– Steve 1/31/2011

I got my CPS credit already! wonderful to see it on my bill.
– Deborah 1/30/2011

Will need to schedule the additional insulation after completion of the electrical which I hope will occur early next week. The guys did a great job, thanks.
– Steve 1/4/2011


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